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Welcome to Sump Pumps Reviews

The Best Resource For Sump Pump Information, Help, and Reviews

Thank you for visiting Sump Pump Reviews, your premium source for sump pump information and facts. We pride ourselves on providing useful facts and information on sump pumps such as the types available, reviews, how they operate, installation help, manufacturers, and more! There are several varieties of sump pumps on the market, including Zoeller, Wayne, Flotec, Watchdog, and Hydromatic. We offer free information and reviews on each one to help you identify the best pump for your needs.

Sump Pump Overview

The primary purpose of a sump pump is to pump water from one area to another. They are generally located in the basement because that's the lowest part of a house and water can accumulate there.

Some homeowners chose to put their pumps in a sump pump pit, a hole located in the basement floor meant to gather water, or any other location that might gather water.

sump pump reviews

Where Does The Water Come From

A wet basement is caused by two main sources:

  1. Excess Ground Water
  2. High Water Table

Excess ground water is caused by rain and snow which can lead to excess water in the ground adjacent to your home. This is the leading cause of wet basement problems. Excess ground water is generally caused by poor gutter installation or maintenance, insufficient lawn slope adjacent to your home, and cracks or leaks in the basement walls.

sump pump reviews

Only five percent of all basement water problems are caused by a high water table, which is basically like a permanent lake below your home.

Water Damage

A small amount of water collected in a basement is able to cause a surprisingly large amount of costly damage. This is especially true for basements that have been finished with drywall and outfitted with furnishings. If the water sits for more than 24 hours, mildew and mold can start to form. If the problem is not taken care of immediately, the mold can penetrate your entire home and cause sever damage, even to your health.

Preventative Maintenance

By installing and maintaining a sump pump you can keep your basement dry, avoiding any potential flooding problems.

Most sump pumps operate electrically and can be equipped with an emergency battery system for situations in which electricity is unavailable (i.e. if a storm knocks out the power).

Certain types of pumps do not require electricity at all, operating by virtue of the pressurized water power source within the house.

In either case, it is critical that the sump pump perform constantly, as any failure could result in excess water. Consider a sump pump backup system to cover all your bases.

Types of Sump Pumps

There are two common types of sump pumps:

  1. Pedestal: True to the name, pedestal versions are placed over the sump pit, making access and repairs easier.

  2. Submersible: The submersible pump sits within the pit, making it more difficult access or repair. They are encased in watertight coverings to protect the electrical portions of the pump.

There are also commercial and industrial sump pumps if you need a more high powered pump for a larger square footage space. Research all sump pump types to ensure you get the one right for your needs. We also provide great information on how to find a quality sump pump to help you thought the process.

Sump Pump Care

Similarly to other types of home operating systems, sump pumps require routine care and upkeep. Pumps located in certain regions will require annual cleanings, whereas those in other regions can go anywhere from three to five years before requiring attention.

Routine sump pump maintenance really means little more than cleaning it thoroughly. Pumps tend to become blocked by dirt, sand and various other materials that come in through the water that accumulates in the sump pit. Excess material can block the sump pump and render it non-operational. In some cases, sump pump repair might be required.

More Information

I recommend that you read all material on this website, Sump Pump Reviews, to help you better understand how sump pumps work and to learn the factors involved in choosing the best equipment for safeguarding your house.

Images of Sump Pumps

This is an image of a wayne pedestal sump pump that sits above the water on a pedestal. This sump pump is black and has a float switch to turn on the pump.This is an image of a watchdog sump pump that is used for emergency situations.  The watchdog battery operated sump pump is yellow.This is an image of a wayne sump pump that features a stainless steel and cast iron shell for the ultimate protection.  This electric sump pump features a float switch.

This is an image of a zoeller sump pump that is completely submersible.  This sump pump features a float switch and is green.This is an image of a watchdog sump pump that can keep your basement dry.  Watchdog sump pumps are made by Glentronics.This is an image of a hydromatic sump pump that can be completely submersible.  The color is green and it's power operated.

This is an image of a little giant automatic sump pump.  It's submersible and features a float switch.  The sump pump is light blue.This is an image of a little giant submersible sump pump.  The sump pump is submersible and features a float switch.





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